Expo Photo Preview Page



I would like to express my special thanks and gratitude to the following Belgian Army military personnel for helping me in finding the perfect location and allowing me to set up the exhibition:


Lt Kol HAST, previous Info Ops Gp CO

Lt Kol MEERPOEL, previous 20th Bn Log CO

Lt Kol LEEMAN, current 20th Bn Log CO

Maj TAILLER, current Info Ops Gp CO

Lt CARMELIET, 20th Bn Log Infra Officer

ADC Michel VAN BOST, Info Ops Gp Regimental Sergeant Major




The Heverlee Post Chapel during the initial recon

The shrine gets a facelift


Basic construction begins


Haulin' sandbags!

Which one is the dummy?


Fort Bragg PHA - getting ready.


First in...B/3/73rd Armor, 82nd ABN DIV


Dragon City inprocessing


NBC Training for months...


A little rest before:


the ground offensive!


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